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My daughter and I have tried a few buttermilk pie recipes (never a home made crust) when she's home from college. Can't seem to find one we love. So I ordered a buttermilk pie from Kelly and ATE THE WHOLE THING BY MYSELF! Don't ask how many hours it lasted. :) I plan to surprise my daughter on her 21st birthday with a b-milk pie from Kitchen Fresh. She will be thrilled! And now I can't wait to try other flavors, although I could eat the baked crust by itself! THANK YOU! Cheri S., Pearland, TX

Hi Kelly, the pecan pie is great.  Thanks again for sending.  They tried to deliver Thursday but I was not home so I picked it up Friday morning and it was good to go.  Thanks again and Happy Fourth of July!!! BL, Baytown

Buttermilk Pie? GONE. Me and my roommates killed it! DP, College Station Tx

I am a huge Coconut Cream Pie fan, and yours is the best I've ever had. It's not even close. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
David, College Station, TX

TO DIE FOR Chocolate Cake is my favorite and I have eaten about 6. G, Tx

I recommend the pumpkin. Spicier than mine, and the crust is the best! Jen, Houston, Tx

I had the cranberry apple pie last year at the holidays, and I am ordering more this year. It was a HIT at my Thanksgiving dinner! CC, Dallas, Tx

Thank you for the apple pie. It is my favorite, so far! DDC, Houston,Tx

The fresh strawberry bundt cake was awesome, and we DESTROYED it in 1 day. I passed out all of your cards. Hmm, what will we order next? DR TAMU

Wow, and my family says, Wow!  We had the lemon meringue pie and it was gone in 60 seconds! TC, Texas

WOW!  The buttermilk pie is here - I think it's still warm from the oven! Soooooooo delicious and Haley is having to fight me, but I will give her the majority of the pie.  Maybe. What a pleasure to share this with her and your sweet card is PERFECT (from Mom and Dad - how thoughtful!!!).
I love you.  I love this pie.  I'm your biggest fan! 

Kelly, the pies were GREAT.  We loved them.  We ate almost the whole coconut creme in one sitting!  I will be ordering more pies in the future!
Beth L., Houston, Tx
I ordered the mixed berry cobbler pie…delicious.  It arrived promptly and was very fresh.  I have a pecan pie and buttermilk pie I cannot wait to dive into…
Mary Claire Upton, Pearland, Tx

I loved loved loved Buttermilk pie....was excellent.  Husband and son ate pecan and liked it as well.
Mary Claire Upton Pearland, Tx

OMG OMG OMG, I love the Buttermilk! Not like any I have tasted, ever! MK, Beaumont Tx

Make me wanna shout! I had a pecan pie and it was the best I have tasted, with that extra "kick" of spices. Deb M.  AL

I had the deep dish apple pie.  It was amazing!  Spices to die for and a hint of was it, rum?  It was so good. Thank you! LCJ, Tx

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