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Let me be the first to rave about Kitchen Fresh Pies! Tried and true, these pies are baked with care that you can taste in every bite! We have customers from as far north as Ohio, as far east as New York, as far south as all over Texas, and as far west as California, and overseas in Germany!  The pies are hand made with care and we would love to share one with you. Give us a call if you are local.... or go to the Shipping Page and order online!  Kelly Storey


Man!!  I just love these pies! JB, Texas

The Bourbon Pecan was a big hit!  RG, Texas

Yummy!!  Frank B., Richardson, Texas


KFP thank you for the wonderful Caramel Apple Pie you made for my husband, Mark's birthday!!! He loved it! Cannot wait to order my pies for Thanksgiving!!!  CB - Centerville, TX

Thanks for our delicious pie this weekend, Kelly!  Mmmmm, that Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie was TO DIE FOR. Everyone enjoyed it at the farm.  Until next time!  E.L. - Austin, TX

The pies completely live up to all of the hype!  I had Caramel  Apple and it was fantastic!!  B. P. -  Austin, TX

No one makes a good Mincemeat Pie any more.  I can't wait to try yours during the holidays.  - W. M. - Austin,  TX

FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC,  FANTASTIC!!!!  That is my praise for the Caramel Pecan Pie.  So rich and tasty, every bite. I skipped part of dinner to make room for that one!  G. L. -  Houston, Tx.

We love your pies, and love stopping by here every Sunday when we are in town.  Coconut Creme is our favorite, but now we love Buttermilk Pecan!  - C. L. - Lancaster, TX

Thanks so much for the Small Cobbler and the Lemon Bundt Cake for the NYBSA Fundraiser next Saturday.  CW - Normangee, TX

Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU again for the donation of the 3 pies for the Seniors' Project Graduation.  You helped raise $400.00 towards our Project Graduation fund at our Tuesday night cake auction.  I hope to be tasting more of your pies in the future!  C. P.B.-Centerville, Tx

That Coconut Creme Pie is SOOOOOO GOOOD!!!  We'll be back for sure!  - F.B. - Mexia, TX

I have tried the Pineapple Right Side Up Pie and it is Delicious!!  L.C. - Jewett, TX

I am here from Houston and ready to buy!  V.J. - Houston, TX

I bought your Pecan Pie at Theiss Sausage.  It was so delicious! I am trying a Caramel Pecan and a Buttermilk!  I am sure I will call again to try them all!  N. D. - Madisonville, TX

We stopped by the Pie Stand one Sunday and picked out apple pie and strawberry pie.  DEEEELICIOUS!  The crust was so fresh and crispy. We enjoyed a slice of pie each evening with our coffee on the porch.  Call us Kitchen Fresh Pies customers!!  Marge F. - Frisco, Tx

Thank you Kitchen Pies!  I stopped at the little stand and bought us 3 pies!  We loved the Lemon Icebox Pie and the Strawberry Lemon Icebox Pie.  The summer blend apple blitz pie was so good.  We will stop again next time we pass through!  JJT - Houston, Tx

Delicious pies!  So good and crispy, that crust is outrageous!!!  I got a strawberry pie and it was darn good with ice cream.  I will stop again at the little table on 39.   John T. - Cypress

I got a lemon icebox pie a few weeks back, and next time I went down 39, I brought my cooler!  I really enjoy those lemon pies!  Jack - Conroe TX

Amazing crust, filling, flavor and friendly service!  I love the idea of stopping at a roadside stand and getting a delicious, fresh homemade pie, just about any flavor I want.  We took a card and we can call anytime we are passing through town and order, then just go pick them up!  We really love those pies---  MCC, Beaumont, TX

Oh.... Just sharing the last piece of fudge pecan pie with Jack! Breakfast of champions! This pie was made by Kelly Storey in Flynn, Texas,and is the BEST pie we ever had! Kelly was our next door neighbor in Houston, and an IWA graduate..... If you want a mean pie, it is Kitchen Fresh Pies to Go......There is a website....will send it later..... Yum! Cindy Kenne, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 


Thank you for making the sweetest and most delicious Christmas present I have ever received (Fudge Pecan Pie). Shared with friends but was stingy with the slices. Some still in fridge. Happy New Year! Jerry Hofer, Philadelphia, PA  12/2011

Pies were outstanding (Chocolate Chess and Green Apple Spice).  You probably already knew that.  See you down the road.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. (It was the father of your children that was the most skeptical about the shipping here. Even after I showed him the perfect pie before it was cut.  Maybe he thought it was some sort of optical illusion.)  Dana Carnes, N. Richland Hills, TX  12/2011

I had the blueberry pie. It was fantastic! W M

Kelly, This is awesome!!! LG, Tx

OMG I am so excited for you!!! This is GREAT!!!!!

I ain't much…..but I am a con•nois•seur of the 'glazed donut',fruit pies, & bread pudding. As far as pies go - my 1st KFPTG offering yesterday ….the 4th of July - Red White & Blue Special - TOTALLY AWESOME – It had plenty of perfect crust and the fruit taste was great - not too much sugar (common mistake of amateurs). The pie rates up there in 'HIGH COTTON' w/ Lea's Pies in Lecompte, LA, & Bud's Pies @ Royer's Cafe in Round Top. I will beat a regular path to Flynn from Hempstead from now on. JQW Hempstead, TX

The lemon pie is my favorite and my husband says the coconut cream is the BEST he's ever had ......and that man has had some pie in his lifetime! JP in TX

Just ordered my first pumpkin spice pie and my mouth is already watering. Thanks for making paypal available for us. Arlis, Houston, TX

What a great idea to start a pie business with such a talented cooking guru!! you have the best crust have stolen my title of "Betty Crocker" boo hoo. Awesome stuff, go! FB, Bellaire,Tx

Had both the green apple and the buttermilk pie over the holidays-- had to sneak seconds! The crust is amazingly light and flavorful. I especially appreciate all the different layers of flavors- spices, fruit, cream-- not just sweet. This is the type of dessert that you can spend some real time with!
ES, Dickinson, Tx

Loved your pies!! Particularly delightful were the peach cobbler and the banana cream pie. We definitely will be ordering again. GWO Houston

I ordered 6 pecan pies to give to some of my customers as Christmas presents. I heard only great replies about the pies. Thanks for your help!
SEA, Waco, Tx

WOW!  Great site, and well put together!  But, you are so creative in so many ways!  Great start to your new life. > God bless, and Happy New Year!
DB, Carrollton, Tx

My PIE ARRIVED! safe and sound not a crumb disturbed. Ate a piece standing over the sink because getting a plate took too much time!! haha! love the spice in the pumpkin spice pie. Mouth watering.
Arlis, Houston

I ordered a cherry pie. It was awesome. Never thought something this delicate could be shipped all those miles to Meadows Place, TX (in Stafford) and arrive safely intact. Amazing! I will be ordering more. Can't wait to try the pecan and the blueberry after reading other testimonials. Carol T. Stafford, Tx

I received the pies. Tried the peach cobbler.......
MMMMMMMMMMMMM! Thanks, Paul G, Tyler, Tx

We gave the blueberry pie to a friend and she said she thought it should win a Blue Ribbon, Ed M, GM, Houston, Tx

Kelly-the crust is something fierce! Great pie! SC,  Germany

Wow, and my family says, Wow!  We had the lemon meringue pie and it was gone in 60 seconds! TC, Texas

WOW!  The buttermilk pie is here - I think it's still warm from the oven! Soooooooo delicious and Haley is having to fight me, but I will give her the majority of the pie.  Maybe. What a pleasure to share this with her and your sweet card is PERFECT (from Mom and Dad - how thoughtful!!!).
I love you.  I love this pie.  I'm your biggest fan! 

Kelly, the pies were GREAT.  We loved them.  We ate almost the whole coconut creme in one sitting!  I will be ordering more pies in the future!
Beth L., Houston, Tx
I ordered the mixed berry cobbler pie…delicious.  It arrived promptly and was very fresh.  I have a pecan pie and buttermilk pie I cannot wait to dive into…
Mary Claire Upton, Pearland, Tx

WOW! Going into your 3rd year of business, and reading all of these kudos, I have to put my comments in.  I love pie, and your pies are fresh, delicious, tempting and I can't wait to try some more for my holiday family parties.  Thanks for great pies and great service, KFPTG!!
LT, Tx

Thanks and they were great everyone enjoyed them, I will keep you in mind if someone asks me where to get pies and cakes from I will give them your name and number. KK, Calvert TX

Thank you.  I have ordered a baked goodie from you for my father 1 per week for 4 weeks.  He just loves them!  I thank you for the quality and timeliness of these gifts.He gets one more for his birthday! CO, LA

I took a chance to order a pie to be shipped across the country, and I was amazed, I have to say, to have it arrive fresh, flaky crust, and absolutely delicious!  Thank you for the quality and service from your little company.  I will order again.

We received holiday pies from you this year and really loved the blueberry and apple. Very good and good crust. That apple pie is better than any I have tasted. We will order again. Mike P, SC

Good apple pie and great crust!  Fran and JR, Tx

Received some pies for Christmas and really liked them!  I will order for us to enjoy some more. Thank you for good quality and great taste. MJM, TN

Great! Thank you ever so much. Bob B, Friendswood, Tx

Loved the Blueberry one.  Ate half of it by myself! Margie, SC

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